Bella in Twilight


wow Bella is such a fighter,  she wanted to save her father and her mother, really she is a strong girl



Martha in Cranford

I love her character in Cranford, she couldn’t leave Miss Matilda alone after her marriage, she prefered to come with her husband and stay with Miss Matilada, really nice from her specially that Miss Matilda is so nice


Rocky and Adrian


I love him alot, he fought for his victory for his family, and it was ok for him in the second part to sacrifice his victory for the sake of his love his wife Adrian, really anyone should love Rocky



Smithers from The Simpsons TV Show


really I like Smithers and I adore how he loves Mr.Burns..

but sometimes I feel that he has to convfess directly and in other times I see that he has an excuse maybe by his confession he would lose Mr.Burns, anyhow I love Smithers alot


Sam from I am Sam

Sam in the movie I am Sam

I love Sam, he was so simple and a lovely father, really I felt sad when they were going to take his daughter I felt that that event was above his ability, but even with this he was able to fight to get his daughter


Rahul in K3G

Rahul who fought for his Love


I liked Rahul in K3G, he didn’t accept to obey anyone other than his heart in the matter of love, he fought for his love and struggled for it

Wow one year

Wow one year passed I am really happy for my blog and for being with you